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I have always been fascinated by the process of building wealth. More importantly, I want people to know that there are better ways to create portfolio returns (Alpha) than those told to us by Wall Street. My group of funds consistently outperforms the S&P 500 Index, but interestingly, takes substantially less risk.


I believe that in today’s world, you must learn to be nimble. If you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. That is why I take pride in teaching real-life principles about investing, wealth management, communication, health and relationships. Those are the real skills that we all need to know in the coming years.


I love to write, probably because I love to read and learn. I write about things that are practical, that can help make people better, maybe bring some positive change to the world. So far, I have authored books and courses about business, negotiation, wealth management, time management, and intricate investment strategies.

What I’m Working On…

As usual, I want to create eco-systems where people thrive and the world gets better…


A tribe of successful men who Elevate, Prosper, Inspire and Collaborate together. In short, EPIC. Built to help each other co-create a life of abundance in our Health, Wealth, Relationships, Spirit and Lifestyle. Probably will be one of the greatest achievements of my lifetime.



Built around my proven system for creating wealth, this is a community for people who are each working to increase income using my system called The Cash Flow Machine. In 2020 alone, the Cash Flow Machine achieved income returns that surpassed 101%, while taking substantially less risk than other strategies.


if you know me, you know that for over 40 years, I have had a fascination with the stock markets. I founded, built and sold a Wall Street company and have traded over $14-billion in securities through my companies. I am proud that I have been able to earn exceptional returns for my investors over many years. It’s fun, and I feel like I am making a huge difference in my investing partners’ lives.


Our education system is failing us (statistics show). In our schools we learn about Romeo & Juliet, but not about how to communicate with each other. We learn about the Pythagorean Theorem, but not how to manage our money, or do our own taxes, or negotiate a deal on a car, boat, or even a home. There must be a better way. At Destiny Creation, we bring together experts to teach people valuable skills about life and we call it “LifeSkills University.”

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