Bear Market – How to Invest

Mark Yegge discusses whether we are in a bear market and whether a bear market provides investment opportunities for the future.  

Russia Invades Ukraine

Russia is invading Ukraine. Where to invest now. I discuss how it can effect your money, specifically with Gold, Bitcoin and crypto You must be

Covered Calls for Passive Income

Passive Income from Covered Calls – in the stock Market? Yes you can create passive income by selling covered calls against stocks you own in

Market Crashing? Looks like it...

Market Crash?! It looks like it…

Mark Yegge, Wealth Architect discusses the current market crash, Peloton (PTON) and Netflix (NFLX) Stock and the crashes already happening in those stocks. Also discussed:

Covered Call Example

Covered Call Example

A lot of people are interested in getting into covered calls, but they don’t know quite how to go about it. In this video, I’m

10X Your Thinking

10X Your Thinking

Successful people don’t have more hours in the day, and most don’t have a better childhood than we did. They just utilize their time more